Community Special Needs And Emergency Notification System

Two Programs To Help Us Help You In An Emergency:  The Voluntary Emergency Notification and Special Needs Registration Program

Would you like to be notified if an emergency in Bernardsville could affect you or your family? Do you have special needs that may require special attention if an emergency arises in your home or neighborhood? Emergency Responders in Bernardsville constantly train and prepare to respond to emergency situations.  Members of the Police Department, Volunteer Fire Department and First Aid Squad as well as the O.E.M. Community Emergency Response Team need your help to better assist you in an emergency.

Your participation in the “Voluntary Emergency Email and/or the Special Needs Survey” will provide us with the information we need to better respond to emergency situations.  Information about these programs is included in this brochure.  If you would like to be informed of emergency situations and other extraordinary events that are happening in the Borough, you may register for the Voluntary Email Notification Program. This voluntary program is being offered as a public service by the Bernardsville Police Department and the Office of Emergency Management. 

For example, you may be notified of emergency information related to power emergencies, water emergencies, emergency evacuations, hazardous material spills, and potentially serious storm situations. Participation in this program will enable the Police to notify residents at home or at work of these and other emergent situations in the Borough.


If you or someone you know has a disability or special need, any information you can provide about those needs can make a life or death difference. Do you have oxygen or other life support or assistive equipment? Do you use a wheelchair? Do you have hearing or vision impairments? Such information will help your local emergency services respond appropriately. 


Your participation in the “Voluntary Emergency Email Notification and Special Needs Survey” is voluntary and will be of great assistance to emergency responders in an emergency. All information will be kept on file at the Bernardsville Police Department. Every attempt will be made to keep the information confidential. Information received will not be intentionally released to anyone other than emergency responders. 

To enroll in these programs, please contact the Bernardsville Police Dept. and obtain a registration brochure.  Return the enrollment form to the Bernardsville Police Department, 166 Mine Brook Road, Bernardsville, N.J. 07924.  You may decide not to participate at any time by written notification to the Police Department. For more information about this program contact the Office of Emergency Management in the Police Department at (908)766-0037.

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