Firearms ID Card and Purchase Permit Applications


The Bernardsville Police Department processes a variety of firearms permit applications that are required to legally possess or use firearms in the State of New Jersey. Applicants should first obtain the Firearms ID Card Application, Handgun Purchase Permit Application or other applications and related instructions available at the Police Department or by following the link below to the NJSP Firearms Forms Web Page.

Once the application has been completed, the applicant must come to the Police Department to where specific instructions will be provided about required fingerprinting and fees to process the application.

Mental Health Form

This form will be included in the application package if required.  The form must be completed and your signature witnessed. An officer can be your witness when you submit the completed application.

ANY QUESTIONS? PLEASE CONTACT Police Records Clerk Josh Fowler (908) 636-7603 OR Detective Brian Kelly at 766-0037, ext 137.

NJSP Firearms Information

NJSP Firearms Application Forms


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