Motor Vehicle Accident Reports

Motor Vehicle Crash/Accident reports are usually ready for the public no later than five (5) business days after the date of the accident. For your convenience  Crash Reports may be obtained by mail, fax, in person or on line over the internet.  Instructions for obtaining your reports are as follows:

OBTAINING YOUR CRASH REPORT ON LINE - Reports can be obtained by following the link below to the Bernardsville Police Dept. accident report database.


OBTAINING YOUR REPORTS IN PERSON, VIA MAIL OR FAX -  To receive your report via mail or fax call the Bernardsville Police Department Records Bureau at 908-766-0037 ext. 113 or 134.  Request a copy of your accident report, specify your preferred method of delivery, and ascertain the fee due. There is a fee of .05 cents per page payable prior to receipt of the report.  We will need the name of the person involved, date and location of the acident along with the required fax number or mailing address. Your report will be delivered after receipt of the required fee which must be paid in advance.  If you are picking up your report, you can pay the required fee at that time.  

Mail Delivery - Send or deliver a self addressed stamped envelope to the Bernardsville Police Department, Attn: MVA REPORTS, 166 Minebrook Road, Bernardsville, NJ 07924 along with your payment for the report.  If you have questions contact the Records Bureau at 908-766-0037 ext. 113 or 134.     

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